Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"SHOCKING" is not a strong enough word to describe what has happened at the surroundings of the landmark Kek Lok Si temple in Penang.

Appalling would probably be the closest description of what has happened there, right under the noses of the local council and other regulatory bodies.

Why they chose to turn a blind eye to the blatant destruction of the hill slopes and environment there remains a mystery, with no explanation forthcoming from the state authorities until now.

It was reported that this destruction took place after a RM10 million car park project was initiated in the area surrounding the landmark temple.

Perhaps no one, from the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) to the state executive councillors with their relevant portfolios, wanted to become entangled with the temple even if all rules concerning the project were blatantly ignored.

That's right... a RM10 million project was being carried out illegally at one of the top tourist spots on the island and no enforcement authority seemed to be aware of it, let alone lifted a finger to stop it.

The irony of it all is that not one of these authorities can claim to be ignorant of the ongoing destruction caused by the project as the matter had been highlighted in some vernacular newspapers as far back as June.

Following that, DAP assemblyman for Tanjung Bungah Teh Yee Cheu also visited the site to see for himself the destruction that had taken place when ground work for the illegal project started.

A YouTube clip of Teh talking to the temple chief monk has also been uploaded but mysteriously, still no action was taken by the authorities to check on the project, let alone put a stop to it.

( Lu orang tengok aje la ... GWM pun tak faham apa yang dipertuturkan oleh ADUN Tanjung Bungah Teh Yee Cheu)

It was only after New Straits Times (NST) started highlighting the extent of damage done to the hill slopes and how a natural stream in the area (known as the Air Itam river) had been turned into a concrete drain that state local government and traffic management committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow and MPPP enforcement officers decided to visit the site earlier this week.

Chow then announced that a stop-work order on the project had finally been issued but his subsequent statement that the temple should immediately submit its construction plans for the parking lot to MPPP has left even more unanswered questions as to how the state authorities are handling the matter.

Even more baffling was Chow's revelation that while the MPPP knew nothing of the car park project, it had actually approved the construction of a columbarium and crematorium near the temple.

Concerned citizens and several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have since reacted by questioning how a crematorium had been approved near a water-catchment area like the Air Itam Dam, which is on the hilltop near the temple.

Questions are being raised as to whether the relevant authorities were consulted, considering that the fallout from the debris emitted by the crematorium could lead to possible contamination.

They have also urged the state government not to approve the car park project on the hill slope as it was detrimental to the environment, and demanded answers from the MPPP why the destruction at the temple site had gone unnoticed for nearly four months until the matter was raised in the NST a week ago.

Questions are also being raised as to why the local authorities are seemingly letting the blatant disregard for rules to go unpunished, with the wrongdoers instead asked to quickly submit the construction plans for a project that has already started.

The Penang authorities have also been asked to reveal if the project is being undertaken on state or private land, as, if it is the former then the project would take a whole new dimension altogether with issues concerning encroachment of state land coming into play.

Chow and the MPPP just cannot ignore all the questions that have been raised concerning the Kek Lok Si car park project as it could set a dangerous precedent where those undertaking illegal projects may feel that they would be let off just as easily.

It is baffling that the MPPP has shown extreme eagerness in tackling what can be considered petty issues but is completely lax when it comes to addressing a serious violation concerning a RM10 million illegal project.

The detractors of the project are not mere armchair critics just shooting off their mouths to condemn for the sake of condemning.

They have raised genuine fears and also posed questions that cannot be ignored by the state government, especially if it wants to live up to its mantra of good governance.

The explanation thus far by the temple management that they only wanted to do good when undertaking the project does not hold water at all and neither does its lame excuses of accommodating traffic congestion make sense.

No doubt a million worshippers and tourists visit the Kek Lok Si temple annually and the number may be increasing, but this still does not give its management the right to step over rules.

As a critic of the project posted on a website, millions of people also visit the Eiffel Tower, Tower of London and Taj Mahal but the administrators don't go increasing the sizes of the property or thrashing the environment.

"They limit numbers in the main... or at least the smart ones do.

"So limit the numbers and hey presto, you make the same amount of money and the environment does not get thrashed."

And as for the local authorities, it is perhaps time they woke up from their slumber and started checking if there are more illegal projects being undertaken on the island, right under their noses.

So ... Apek Lim Guan Eng, itu motto CAT sudah jadi Corruption-Arrogance-Transgression eh!


Anonymous said...

Proven that DAPigs is really CAT...
Corruption Arrogance Transgression..as claimed by Lim *double tongue* guan eng....fu@*$#&
chief minister of Penang.

Inshyirah76@yahoo.com said...

territory temple ni memang besar sgt2..cost tu .paham2 laa..sekor2 patung Buddha tu bersalut emas...ada 5 ekor lebih..bayangkan laa sekor2 setinggi bangunan 2 atau 3 tingkat laaa..aku dapat bayangkan kenapa LIM GUAN ENG komunis tu tak tahan daulat...dlm bab ni cat pun boleh jadi pig...

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