Thursday, April 4, 2013

E-mel yang dihantar kepada portal Free Malaysia Today menyatakan PKR mendapatkan kepakaran dari Orion Strategies untuk meningkatkan peluang memang dalam pilihan raya umum, - FREE MALAYSIA TODAY, 2 APRIL 2013

E-mail correspondence suggests a link between PKR and Orion Strategies, but a PKR leader calls this another attempt to nail Anwar Ibrahim.

Has PKR sought the expertise of a US-based public relations firm to bolster its chances in the upcoming general election?

E-mail correspondence furnished to FMT revealed an Orion Strategies staff attempting to arrange a meeting between two Malaysian delegates, purportedly linked to PKR, with an unnamed US congressman.

“Unresolved issues are threatening the integrity of Malaysia’s electoral process and hold open the possibility, if not corrected, [of] plunging Malaysia into deep, post-electoral crisis,” said Orion Strategies’ Mike Mitchell to congressional staff Hana Atuatasi.

Mitchell also named the Malaysian delegates as Suaram director Cynthia Gabriel and Merdeka Centre director Ibrahim Suffian.

The meeting was supposed to take place on March 14 and 15, after the duo’s scheduled talks in Washington with regard to political developments in Malaysia.

However, the e-mail did not specify whether the meeting took place or otherwise.

A check by FMT found that Orion Strategies is headed by Randy Scheunemann, a former adviser to ex-Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

Scheunemann is described as a neo-conservative, who had also served for Republican presidential candidate John McCain as an adviser during the 2008 US presidential election.

In an e-mail response to FMT, PKR strategy director Rafizi Ramli denied the party had appointed any consultant or individuals to represent it during the general election, let alone a foreign one.

“We believe that we have enough talent among our volunteers and leadership to spearhead the campaign on our own. Besides, the cost itself will be prohibitive given the limited financial resources available to us,” he said.

Rafizi said he had also checked the matter with the US Foreign Agent Registry and confirmed that none in the US had ever been appointed to act on behalf of PKR, nor by anyone that could be associated with the party.

Rafizi added that he had also never heard of Orion Strategies.

“Therefore, any attempts to link PKR to any paid foreign agents is just an election gimmick to defame [PKR supremo] Anwar Ibrahim, that has been done previously.

“It did not bear any fruit the last time. I am sure it will backfire this time around as well,” he said.

Gabriel and Ibrahim, in a joint statement, also dismissed the matter, claiming that it was an attempt to undermine their credibility within the Malaysian civil society fraternity.

The duo said they were invited to give talks in the US in early March but had declined the offer due to hectic work schedules.

Petikan berita di atas telah disiarkan oleh portal MALAYSIA TODAY.

Petikan berita yang sama disiarkan oleh portal THE CHOICE dan portal F8

PKR cuba mendapatkan kepakaran sebuah firma perhubungan awam PRO ISRAEL yang berpusat di AS untuk meningkatkan peluang dalam pilihan raya umum ini.

Email yang dihantar ke portal FREE MALAYSIA TODAY mendedahkan kakitangan Orion Strategies sedang cuba mengaturkan satu pertemuan antara dua delegasi Malaysia, PKR dan seorang ahli kongres Amerika Syarikat yang tidak dinamakan.

Email yang dihantar oleh Mike Mitchess dari Orion Strategies kepada seorang kakitangan Kongress AS, Hana Atuatasi untuk mengadakan pertemuan dengan delegasi dari Malaysia, Pengarah Suaram Cynthia Gabriel dan Pengarah Merdeka Centre, Ibrahim Suffian sepatutnya diadakan pada 14 dan 15 Mac yang lalu.

Firma Pro Israel Orion Strategies ini diketuai oleh Randy Scheunemann, bekas penasihat kepada bekas Setiausaha Pertahanan Donald Rumsfeld. Pernah berkhidmat dengan calon presiden John McCain dari Republican, sebagai penasihat sewaktu pilihan raya presiden Amerika Syarikat tahun 2008.

Gabriel dan Ibrahim, dalam satu kenyataan bersama, menolak perkara itu, dan mendakwa ia adalah satu cubaan untuk melemahkan kredibiliti mereka dalam gerakan sivil di Malaysia.

Kedua-duanya berkata mereka telah dijemput untuk memberi ceramah di Amerika Syarikat pada awal Mac, tetapi telah menolak tawaran kerana jadual kerja sibuk.

Sesuatu yang menarik perhatian ... Ketiga-tiga portal di atas MENYIARKAN ARTIKEL TERSEBUT YANG DI PETIK DARI portal FREE MALAYSIA TODAY


Mengapa portal Free Malaysia Today MEMADAMKAN dan MENGHILANGKAN pautan (link) artikel tersebut ?

Adakah kerana TERBONGKARNYA rahsia Anwar Ibrahim dan PKR cuba untuk mendapatkan khidmat sebuah firma Pro Israel dan Pelobi Yahudi untuk memenangi pilihanraya umum kali, maka portal ini diugut untuk memadamkan artikel yang telah disiarkan pada 2 April 2013.

Jika Rafizi 'Gay Jambu' Ramli menafikan berita tersebut, mengapa perlu dipadamkan dan dihilangkan pautan artikel tersebut ?



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