Sunday, January 16, 2011

Honestly speaking, I'm started to get sick and disgusted with the behaviour and attitude of these so called elite bloggers!

Point blank ... i'm referring to Big Dog aka 'The "thirteen million plus Ringgit" guy rambles ... Ramblings and doodlings of an unsettled mind!

Oh yes! exactly ... you do inherit this unsettled mind! just look at the heading ...

Damn amusing! ... when this so called 'elite blogger' began questioning, why in the hell the top government officials need to be around with Rais Yatim each and every time programmes involves Ministry of Information.

Perhaps ... the Ministry of Information should have given scope of work and an accurate description the duties, roles and responsibilities of a Minister of Information ... to this 'elite blogger'.

What exactly is 'their' problem with Rais Yatim? ...

Maybe ... there are misundertanding between these elite bloggers hence it is so damn difficult to forgive the sin committed by Rais Yatim?

Maybe ... Rais Yatim has blacklisted them from any event involving the Ministry of Information as a result of misunderstandings both sides.

Or maybe ... they are no more in the priority list, from getting any benefits or projects that will increase the 'fulus' into the pockets.

The same bloody perception is played back repeatedly by this blogger. Yet, Rais Yatim remains a major concern although there are still many issues to be addressed i.e. the opposition blunders!

It start to get on my nerve, from early December 2010 until January 2011, Rais Yatim remains the main target to be demolished, executed, terminated, etc, etc, etc.

This slanderous issues of Rais Yatim accused to rape his maid was brought up by these elite bloggers first handed (even though Harakahdaily was partly to be blamed).

Strangely, none of them have embarked on ADUN Selising issues that commit adultery with another man's wife. None! Zilch! Zero ... Wonder why!

The novel, Interlok ... while this has become a potential racial issues, heated by the opposition, these bloody RM suckers keep quiet! Maybe this is a trivial issue ... to them.

Strangely, Rais Yatim will always and definitely will be the main target of this blogger.

Perhaps ... Rais Yatim has reluctantly to fulfil whatsoever their requests which has led and turned them into bloody RM suckers. Long live Ringgit Malaysia !

Big Dog can melalak all night long ... but his pocket seems to be thinner each and every day. Who else to 'samun'? ...

This dog is likely to find a new owner ... new master(s) who are willing to donate large sums of money into their pockets every month!

Please anyone out there ... if you guys have any VVIP contact, please be kindly to submit the contact number to these money suckers!

Damn ... hate to say this ... bloody irritating!


orang kampung said...

You yourself are actually having problem.

What Big Dog or other bloggers for that matter write are their business. They may have their own agenda which your little brain may have difficulty to comprehend.

I strongly suggest you continue with what you are writing and leave it to us whether to visit or not.

I wonder what you and Rais have in common.

Anonymous said...

Mereka ini dulu kesemuanya puak anti KJ. Satu geng nak pao orange