Thursday, May 30, 2013

Singapura BERI AMARAN kepada PEMBANGKANG MALAYSIA Jangan Campuri Urusan Negara Itu.

Singapore has warned Malaysian politicians to stay out of its affairs, in light of the arrests of 21 Malaysians for demonstrating in the island republic.

A joint statement by the Ministries of Home and Foreign Affairs said demands by Malaysian MPs for Singapore to free those arrested was seen as foreign interference.

“Actions to involve foreign parties are attempts to seek special treatment and to further politicise what is essentially a domestic law and order issue in Singapore,” the statement on the Home Ministry’s website said.

Singapore added that it had always taken a strong stand against foreign issues or politics brought into the island nation.

It added that it did not interfere in domestic affairs of other countries, and expected similar treatment in return.

Malaysians had gathered at Singapore’s Merlion Park on May 8 and 11 to protest the May 5 general election results.

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Kita minta Lim Kit Siang, macai-macai DAP buatlah SILENT WALK dan SILENT PROTEST di Singapura. Jika tidak pun, buatlah DEMONSTRASI di sana.

Amacam Kit Siang ...


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Anonymous said...

aku rasa sekarang kerajaan singapura tengah pikir 2 kali pasal sokongan diaorang pada pr. sesiapa yang dah sampai kat singapura amat tahu bahawa singapura punya undang2 sangat tegas pasal demo ni. bayangkan kalau malaysia spring berjaya, mau melarat jadi singa spring. rakyat singapura yang muda munkin teruja nak ikut apa yang belaku kat malaysia....

Anonymous said...

Ini suma drama murahan taraf azmin jamban merajuk itu hari, pls move on

Aikk kan guang dok gi singapork ka jumpa sifu... ini drama cam gampang la

Kuang yew kong sandiwala la...


Anonymous said...

Kalau singapore tak boleh kan ade lagi negara asean. lain... Asia lagi banyak.... Baru kenal politik atau baru nak berpolitik... Silap terpengaruh anasir yang tak sihat... Masalah dalam malaysia gi canang kat orang luar biar semua tau.. Cerdik sungguh majoriti

Anonymous said...

Ini semua satu lakonan tahap babi pelacur murahan dari singapork bagi menutup segala tindakan mereka selaku dalang utama dibelakang DAPIG dlm apa jua huru hara yg berlaku dlm negara.